Why nftmaster?

Easy to use
Nftmaster makes it super easy to purchase NFTS.
Advanced features
We take full advantage of all the features offered in XLS-20 on XRPL.
Find the answers to your question by visiting our Support Center, watching our tutorial videos or reaching out to us by email.

Web3 on XRP

Join other creators on the same journey.

How to get started

1. Create a XUMM wallet
2. Fund it with XRP
3. Connect your wallet!

We're Just Getting Started

The nftmaster roadmap outlines groundbreaking new developments for NFTs on XRPL.

  • Closed beta release

  • Public beta release

  • Marketplace released to the public

    Buy, mint and sell NFTs!

  • Location based NFTs using XLS-20D

  • NFT memberships

    Get access to exclusive creator content!

Ripple Grant Recipient

We're excited to announce that nftmaster is a recipient of the XRPL Grants program!


How to create a XUMM wallet?

Learn how to create a XUMM wallet so you can connect and start creating NFTS.

What is the XRP ledger?

Get a better understanding of XRPL how it can be used and why it's so powerful.

How to Buy, Mint and Sell on nftmaster?

Get started on one of the first ever NFT marketplaces on XRP!